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Hello there!

I hope, by now you have discovered a tiny bit of me through my website. I would like to represent you everywhere and be your voice. I want to spread my love to mankind and in this process, work for global peace.

Please let me know what you think of me. If you have any comment or suggestions, please feel free to share.

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Testimonials from People Who Care


Muhammad Raihanul Harun Deputy Registrar, Copyright Office at Ministry of Cultural Affairs (Bangladesh Administrative Service)

I found you as an extra ordinary meritorious person. A brave and straightforward person. Very interestingly, I discovered you as a person with balanced wit and humour.


Md. Khairuzzaman Durjoy Laboratory In Charge, Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST)

One of the most talented girl in every sector I have seen.


Jakaria Morshed Rumy Student, Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering, University of Development Alternative,Dhaka, Bangladesh

A robust personality with some excellent educational background. Learned ABC of genetic counselling from u. Really feel proud to be your student.


Proshanto Kumar Lecturer, Education Cadre, Bangladesh Civil Service

Smart, good leadership quality, tolerant, liberal and hard working. Really envy you.


Shishir Sarker MSc Student, Microbiology, Jagannath University & Former Student, Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, East West University

Honest and straight-forward independent woman , having a strong personality. Always earn position by hard-work .


Sukdev Roy Student, Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering, University of Development Alternative, Dhaka, Bangladesh

I really like how you teach us clear, concise manner and good use of class time and good at engaging the class in discussion. Your versatile knowledge really appreciable and always inspiring me. May all your wishes come true ahead.

Testimonials from Well-Wishers

Honestly I just want to be like you. That expresses how much you inspire people like me. You work hard, study a lot, learn new things to fulfil your ultimate dream to be remembered as a person with multiple identities. I really love your life philosophy. To me you are a free bird who loves to fly towards her goals no matter how hard life hits you. And the best thing is, you never try to be perfect in the eyes of the society. Rather follow your deeper instincts to live a life that actually makes you happy.

- Md. Rashidun Nawaz Shaown
B.Sc., MSc. (Ongoing)
Department of Materials & Metallurgical Engineering, BUET.
Trainee Engineer, GPH Ispat

A multi talented girl I have seen ever. How can a human has perambulation in all arena! Your 35 bcs viva experience that you had shared with us in words extraordinary. You are a committed officer. You have ability to conquer the world. May Allah bless you.

- Monir Hossain

Mahnaz Hossain Fariba is a name of incredible merit who is simultaneously a writer, researcher, educator, singer and a skilled leader. Always a person with a smile everyone loves. The verses in your poem are particularly wonderful, especially "The rain". I look forward to seeing your work and follow you.

- Abdur Rahman
4th year student at Islamic university Kushtia, Department of Arabic language and literature.

Intelligent, capable, dedicated and personable young woman. Extremely creative, versatile and always follows her instinct and intuition. She is always quick on her feet with sensible reactions in all the circumstances. I feel impressed of her poetry ; specially the strength, pathos and greater emotions of her poems makes me proud. I feel confident in saying that she will be a valuable asset for our nation.

- Ashraful Islam
LL.M in International Law
University of Rajshahi.

You are the lady beauty with brain and patriotic woman who wants to serve her Nation. A bureaucrat who believe that govt. is by the people, for the people, of the people. Last but not the least, you're the Mahnaz Hossain Fariba, the beautiful lady with good soul.

- Jednee Rahman

You are multitalented, smart and straight-forward girl....

- Nusrat Amin
Student, University of Rajshahi

You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.

- Subrata Suter Shuvo

You are a good human being, you have socialism, morality and also a splendid mentality to do something for our country and bangladeshi people.

- Mahbubul Alam Rubel
Service Holder at an MNC company (SML Packaging Solutions Bangladesh limited.)

Ma'am I'm a fan of you and I found so much inspiration when I saw your video on YouTube..

- Md Mahmudul Islam

Natural Talent. Spontaneous. Straightforward. Glamorous.

- Emtiaz Ahmed Morshed

Blameless, bueno, classical, estimable, illustrative, inculpable, neato, not too shabby, paradigmatic, prototypical, punctilious, quintessential, representative, righteous, sterling, typical, palmary, august, in limelight, well-thought-of, temperate, scrupulous, generous, meritable and model!

- Saif Ahmed Chowdhury

You are a dichotomous girl. You are imaginative, facilitator and intelligent. You desire to do creative work, social thinking and awakening.

- Minhazur Rahman

Multi talented, Honest and you’re such a diamond hearted woman..

- Anjon Biswas

I'm following you for more than three years.By this time I recognized, you are a good human being, talented, most importantly you have patriotism & strong mentality..!

- Md Mijanur Rahman

You are one bold lady, someone who isn’t ashamed of disclosing what you think is right. I don't know you personally. Someone shared your post & I have got you there. I have found that you're in Bangladesh Administrative Service. Hence I started following you. However, your emotion comes out when you go back to your past, which resembles you as one soft soul.

- Md. Arif Rayhan
Student, Govt. Titumir College

You are a dynamic girl I have ever seen. As far as I know, you are very professional,sincere and dedicated. At the same time I need to say you are a social worker who has been working for social development online and offline. May God keep you healthy and sound always

- Abdur Rahim Sykat
Social Worker

You are one of the women having strong personality I've ever seen. I've been following your all kinds of updates since 2017. After all, you are honest in your place!! Love you a lot 💛

- Jannatul Ferdous
Student, BSc Honours 4th year at Applied Physics