About Mahnaz

My public persona is that of a strong, determined leader, but in private life I am a very jovial person. I love to enjoy life to its fullest, and make others happy throughout my journey. I love to love, and practise kindness, integrity and honesty in my personal and professional life. Sometimes I express myself through writing poetries. Curiosity has led me think scientifically, and I am quite interested to research and explore on different topics which nobody else has done. Professionally, I am a young bureaucrat, contributing to the development and policy planning of Bangladesh. I have been an advocate of burning social issues which concern children and women. Throughout my life, I have helped others and dedicated myself to social causes whenever needed. I believe you'll love me more, when you know me more.

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When COVID-19 struck Bangladesh too like 200 other countries, I have tried my level best to prevent the transmission of the disease from my capacity. Together, I and my colleagues have classified the people's names who need to be in quarantine and we are ensuring that they maintain their quarantine properly. I am currently involved in coordinating and distributing relief materials to poor people who are suffering financially because of the closure. I have been working on streets to persuade people for staying at home, wearing masks and using hand sanitizers. You can see some of my activities here.


I would say, the best change Guiding has brought to my life, is the sense of fellowship and kindness towards people, which drives me to filter every action I take, considering the situation and demands of all the people involved. My profession helped me to learn and respond to localized needs and systematically tailor and adapt policy regionally. I attended “International Brownie Festival, 2000” in Malaysia representing Bangladesh as a Yellow Bird, when I was 8 years old. That international exposure taught me to think beyond fellowship and to take responsible action while leading the rest. I have held leadership positions in my School and University while winning several scholarships and awards for my endeavours. Girl guiding has inspired me to undertake responsible leadership while thinking out of the box and collaborating with all the stakeholders involved. This knowledge has helped me to secure a place at the MSc programme in International Health and Tropical Medicine at Oxford University, where my leadership and advocacy skills were honed through their curriculum which focused on SDGs. I have learnt to critically appraise and innovatively solve major global health problems in resource-limited settings, developed knowledge and skills in research techniques applied in the analysis of global health problems, including quantitative and qualitative research methods and implementation of the targets of SDGs in local context. I believe I can put my acquired skills to good use in an international arena, if I am given an opportunity to join World Board of WAGGGS and also learn a lot from the existing members, which will help me to advance in my career in future. Girl Guiding has given me a lot, and it is time to give back to this movement as a whole, and celebrate the diversity and equality presented by this movement to the world, that’s what I believe.


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Assistant Commissioner and Executive Magistrate

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